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My Home Away from Home

Life at Perkins School for the Blind

by Robert T. Branco

C 2013

Short summary:

From the ages of 12 to 19, the author attended a school for the blind. He tells about life in the "cottages," academics, sports, field trips, vocational training, and more. He had good and bad teachers, followed wise rules and absurd ones, met good friends and bullies, and welcomed administrative changes.

Perkins educated him very well; this book will surely educate and entertain many others.


This book is about eight of the most important years of my life. Just like anyone else between the ages of 12 and 19, I had a lot to learn about growing up. However, contrary to what most pre-teens and teens experience, I lived those eight years at Perkins School for the Blind, in Watertown, Massachusetts, 65 miles from my home.

In the book, I talk about our academic classes, our teachers and other adults at the school, the many kids who became my friends and others who made friendship impossible, the several sports we pursued, all the rules we were supposed to follow and how radically they were sometimes broken, some of the fascinating field trips we took and new technology that we explored, the ways in which the school tried to prepare us for independent living, and much more. As you will read, there were plenty of both good and bad times. It is also important to note that I was at Perkins during the entire directorship of the only visually impaired chief administrator Perkins ever had, Mr.Ben Smith. My classmates and I watched in almost unanimous approval as he changed many of the school's long-lasting policies.

I decided to write this book because I continuously tell my friends about my adventures during those years, and I used to kid around that I could write a book, because there was so much information for me to share. Finally, I took the plunge and decided to write my experiences down, so I could share them with the world.

I hope that my story puts a unique perspective on what it's like for any teenager, blind or sighted, to live away from home for eight years. I certainly hope that the sighted, as well as the blind, will enjoy and appreciate my story.

I would like to thank my editor, Leonore H. Dvorkin, for working closely with me. I am grateful to her for completely understanding both the nature and the aim of this book. See the end of the book for more about the editing and publishing services that she and her husband offer. I would also like to thank Ross Chartoff for his role in helping me to assemble and submit the required components of this book. The book is currently on sale for $4.99 in Ebook form at Smash Words and, and will be available in print and audio CD for $11.99. If you have any questions or need more information, please email or call 508-994-4972.


Bob Branco

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Click for a printable version of this press release (pdf).

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Promotional Services Department

Tel: 888-728-8467 Fax: 812-961-3133 Email: pressreleases

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As I See It: From a Blind Man's Perspective - available at

New Book Presents Author's Own Experiences with Blindness

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. - For most of us, it is one of the most unimaginable, frightening afflictions: blindness. In his new book, As I See It: From a Blind Man's Perspective (published by AuthorHouse), Robert Theodore Branco takes readers by the hand, leading them from the light into the dark as he describes how he has adapted to a life without sight.

As I See It provides a detailed account of the issues facing blind individuals on two levels. First, Branco discusses his perceptions and personal experiences on topics such as self-esteem, handling money, job discrimination, and the high cost of leading an independent life. In addition he addresses frequently asked questions and sets the record straight on several myths. Second, Branco delves into the facts concerning adaptive technology, legislation protecting the blind, and securing employment.

Branco has found that many blind people feel intimidated by the circumstances of their disability, and more importantly, by the lack of effort with which society has embraced them. As I See It chronicles Branco's own struggle to adapt and gain independence in an indifferent, unaccommodating world, and his commitment to remaining positive.

Having had partial sight as a child, Branco is in a unique position to assist the reader in understanding what it's like to be blind. It's a skill he acquired at an early age:

Indeed, I went through it all! I wish I had been paid one dollar every time I had to tell someone how many fingers they had showing. The whole thing was tedious and quite boring to say the least. I knew what I could see and what I couldn't, but people were so curious to find out that I had to show them. . If I didn't explain this entire process in detail and simply told you that I had partial sight, it might appear as though I had more sight than I actually did. . Although I saw human shapes and lighted signs, I couldn't identify them very often.

Despite having a bachelor's degree in finance, Robert Theodore Branco has been out of work more than he'd care to admit, but that has not stopped him from leading an active life. Currently he is the editor of a consumer magazine. He runs a slow-pitch softball league and a league for bowlers with disabilities, and he holds a support group for visually-impaired people. As I See It is his first book.

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher for emerging, self-published authors. For more information, please visit


Bob Branco's second book, a cook book titled "", is now available for $10. Anyone who wants to buy it can either email Bob at or call 508-994-4972.